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Tombstone Gun Grips
PO Box 2171
White City, OR 97503 USA

Fax: (541)-826-8669
Email: Dave@TombstoneGrips.com

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OK, why is there no telephone number listed?

It's because...
  • I work 70-80 hours a week in my other businesses, and I am not at my grip works except on weekends. You probably wouldn't ever reach me by phone.

  • I am absolutely buried in visitors, meetings, and tasks related to running my other business during the week. I just don't have any time left for more phone calls during the week.

  • I don't have the grip information with me except when I am in the grip works on weekends, so I probably wouldn't have the information about sizes and so forth. Best to write it, so I can answer in the evening without having to wake you up at midnight when I finally have the opportunity to give your question my full attention.

  • Written messages are more positive and let me take more time to study the answer, and give you a better answer without being so rushed. Your question and my answer will be easier to look up later on, if need be. You can print off an email, or make a copy of a fax or letter, and send that along with any materials or grips to help keep everything straight.

  • If you write it, I won't misunderstand. If I don't understand what you wrote, I can email, fax, or write and ask for clarification or more details. I can send you pictures, drawings, and images quickly and easily to help make things clear. And I can do all that after hours on the West coast where I'm located, which is probably the wee hours of your morning if you are "back East". You really don't want me to call at 2AM, do you?

  • Tombstone Gun Grips is my hobby. I already have more orders than I can fill in 60-90 days (which is why I say AVERAGE delivery time). Until I can devote more than weekends to grip making, I really can't handle more business. I get hundreds of orders a month, and put in rather long days on the weekends getting them filled. I'm already working 70-80 hours a week and then I come home and work another 2-3 days from morning until late making grips (I like to do it or I wouldn't).

    That's without a telephone. Tell me again why I should get one?